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Decision IV/13: Assessment panels

The Fourth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. IV/13:

  1. to note with appreciation the work done by the Panels for Ozone Scientific Assessment, Environmental Effects Assessment, and Technology and Economic Assessment in their reports of November-December 1991;
  2. to request the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel and its Technical and Economic Options Committees to report annually to the Open-ended Working Group of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol the technical progress in reducing the use and emissions of controlled substances and assess the use of alternatives, particularly their direct and indirect global-warming effects;
  3. to request the three assessment panels to update their reports and submit them to the Secretariat by 30 November 1994 for consideration by the Open-ended Working Group and by the Seventh Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol. These assessments should cover all major facets discussed in the 1991 assessments with enhanced emphasis on methyl bromide. The scientific assessment should also include an evaluation of the impact of sub-sonic aircraft on ozone;
  4. to encourage the panels to meet once a year to enable the co-chairpersons of the panels to bring to the notice of the meetings of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol, through the Secretariat, any significant developments which, in their opinion, deserve such notice.