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Decision XIX/5: Financial matters: financial reports and budgets

  1. To approve the 2008 budget for the Trust Fund for the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer in the amount of $4,618,880 and to take note of the proposed 2009 budget of $4,887,129, as set out in annex I to the report of the Nineteenth Meeting of the Parties;
  2. To authorize the Ozone Secretariat to draw down $341,947 in 2008;
  3. To approve, as a consequence of the draw-down referred to in paragraph 2 above, total contributions to be paid by the Parties of $4,276,933 for 2008;
  4. That the contributions of individual Parties shall be listed in annex II to the report of the Nineteenth Meeting of the Parties;
  5. To authorize the Ozone Secretariat to maintain a constant operating cash reserve of the estimated annual planned expenditures that will be used to meet the final expenditures under the trust fund. The Parties agree to increase the approved budget for the operating cash reserve for 2008 to 11.3 per cent and to contribute 3.7 per cent of the budget for the cash operating reserve in 2009, after which time the Parties will strive to maintain an operating cash reserve of 15 per cent;
  6. To express its concern over delays in payment of agreed contributions by Parties, contrary to the provisions in paragraphs 3 and 4 of the terms of reference for the administration of the Trust Fund for the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer;
  7. To urge all Parties to pay their contributions promptly and in full and also to urge Parties that have not done so to pay their contributions for prior years as soon as possible;
  8. To encourage Parties, non-Parties and other stakeholders to contribute financially and with other means to assist members of the three assessment panels and their subsidiary bodies with their continued participation in the assessment activities under the Protocol;
  9. To invite Parties to notify the Ozone Secretariat of all contributions made to the Montreal Protocol Trust Fund at the time such payments are made;
  10. To request the Executive Secretary, in accordance with rule 14 of the rules of procedure, to provide Parties with an indication of the financial implications of draft decisions whose implementation cannot be funded from existing resources within the budget of the Montreal Protocol Trust Fund;
  11. To request the Ozone Secretariat to ensure its implementation of secretariat-related decisions adopted by the Meeting of the Parties as approved and within the budget and the availability of financial resources in the Trust Fund;
  12. To request the Ozone Secretariat to inform the Open-ended Working Group on all sources of income received, including the reserve and fund balance and interest as well as actual and projected expenditures and commitments, and to request the Executive Secretary to provide an indicative report on all expenditures against budget lines;
  13. To request the Open-ended Working Group to keep under review the financial information provided by the Ozone Secretariat, including the timeliness and transparency of that information.