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Decision IX/20: Transfer of essential-use authorizations for CFCs for MDIs

The Ninth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. IX/20:

  1. That all transfers of essential-use authorizations for CFCs for MDIs be reviewed on a case-by-case basis at Meetings of the Parties for approval;
  2. Notwithstanding paragraph 1 of the present decision, to allow the Secretariat, in consultation with the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel, to authorize a Party, in an emergency situation, to transfer some or all of its authorized levels of CFCs for essential uses in MDIs to another Party, provided that:
    1. The transfer applies only up to the maximum level that has previously been authorized for the calendar year in which the next Meeting of the Parties is to be held;
    2. Both Parties involved agree to the transfer;
    3. The aggregate annual level of authorizations for all Parties for essential uses of MDIs does not increase as a result of the transfer;
    4. The transfer or receipt is reported by each Party involved on the essential-use quantity-accounting format approved by the Eighth Meeting of the Parties by paragraph 9 of decision VIII/9.