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Decision IX/22: Customs codes

The Ninth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. IX/22:

  1. To express appreciation to the Multilateral Fund, UNEP and the Stockholm Environmental Institute for the useful information on the problems and possibilities of using customs codes for tracking imports of ozone-depleting substances (ODS) contained in the book Monitoring Imports of Ozone-Depleting Substances: A Guidebook;
  2. To recommend this book as a guide to Parties seeking more information on this issue;
  3. In order to facilitate cooperation between customs authorities and the authorities in charge of ODS control and ensure compliance with licensing requirements, to request the Executive Director of UNEP:
    1. To request the World Customs Organization (WCO) to revise its decision of 20 June 1995, recommending one joint national code on all HCFCs under subheading 2903.49, by instead recommending separate national codes under subheading 2903.48 for the most commonly used HCFCs (e.g., HCFC-21; HCFC-22; HCFC-31; HCFC-123; HCFC-124; HCFC-133; HCFC-141b; HCFC-142b; HCFC-225; HCFC-225ca; HCFC-225cb);
    2. To further ask the World Customs Organization to work with major ODS suppliers to develop and provide the Parties to the Montreal Protocol, through UNEP, with a check-list of relevant customs codes for ODS that are commonly marketed as mixtures, for use by national customs authorities and authorities in charge of control of ODS to ensure compliance with import licensing requirements;
  4. To request all Parties with ODS production facilities to urge their producing companies to cooperate fully with WCO in the preparation of this check-list.