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Decision IX/8: Licensing system

The Ninth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. IX/8:

Noting that decisions V/25 and VI/14A set in place systems for exchange, recording and reporting of information concerning trade in controlled substances to meet the basic domestic needs of Parties operating under Article 5,

Noting that decision VI/14B requested that recommendations be made to the Seventh Meeting of the Parties concerning whether reports under Article 7 should be made in relation to trade to meet the basic domestic needs of Parties operating under Article 5,

Noting that decision VII/9 required that an import- and export-licensing system be incorporated into the Montreal Protocol by the Ninth Meeting of the Parties,

Noting that, in response to a report prepared by the Secretariat on illegal imports and exports of ozone-depleting substances, decision VIII/20 urged each Party not operating under Article 5 to establish a system for validation and approval of imports of any used, recycled or reclaimed controlled substances before they are imported and to report to the Ninth Meeting of the Parties on the establishment of such a system,

Noting that decision VIII/20 also requests the Ninth Meeting of the Parties to consider instituting a system to require validation and approval of exports of used and recycled ozone-depleting substances from all Parties,

Noting that the Ninth Meeting of the Parties has adopted an Amendment to the Protocol, requiring all Parties to implement an import and export licensing system,

  1. That the licensing system to be established by each Party should:
    1. Assist collection of sufficient information to facilitate Parties’ compliance with relevant reporting requirements under Article 7 of the Protocol and decisions of the Parties; and
    2. Assist Parties in the prevention of illegal traffic of controlled substances, including, as appropriate, through notification and/or regular reporting by exporting countries to importing countries and/or by allowing cross-checking of information between exporting and importing countries;
  2. To facilitate the efficient notification and/or reporting and/or cross-checking of information, each Party should inform the Secretariat by 31 January 1998 of the name and contact details of the officer to whom such information and requests should be directed. The Secretariat shall periodically prepare, update and circulate to all Parties a full list of these contact details;
  3. That the Secretariat and Implementing Agencies should take steps to assist Parties in the design and implementation of appropriate national licensing systems;
  4. That Parties operating under Article 5 may require assistance in the development, establishment and operation of such a licensing system and, noting that the Multilateral Fund has provided some funding for such activities, that the Multilateral Fund should provide appropriate additional funding for this purpose.