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Annex VIII: Trust Fund for the Montreal Protocol; approved 1995, 1996 and 1997 budgets

Explanatory notes for the budgets

1. The 1995 and 1996 budgets are as approved by the Sixth Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol (see UNEP/OzL.Pro.6/7, para.84, decision VI/19, and annex IV).

2. The guidelines for the 1997 budget are as follows:

a/ 1100 Classification of the posts in UNEP is currently taking place in accordance with the guidelines of the United Nations. Provision is made for upgrading, if approved by the Executive Director, after review. Salaries are updated to reflect the actual salary levels in Nairobi.

b/ 1106 A new post for a Programme Officer/Information Systems is needed for taking care of the data reported by the 149 Parties, its analysis as well as to coordinate the information systems of the Secretariat (bulletin boards, WWW (the "World-Wide Web"), etc.). Funding for this post to be requested from UNEP or countries providing Junior Professional Officers (JPOs).

c/ 1300 See note a/ above.

d/ 1320 The Secretariat needs temporary assistance during the meetings due to the peaks in the workload.

e/ 1321-1326 The conference-servicing costs have been based on the following assumptions:

One Open-ended Working Group meeting will be held during 1997 in Nairobi, using six languages and lasting five days.

The Preparatory and Parties meeting for the Montreal Protocol in six languages will be held in Nairobi.

The two Bureau meetings are scheduled for 1997, using three languages.

The two Implementation Committee meetings, in English only, are assumed to take place in Nairobi.

The one informal consultation, in English only, is assumed to take place in Nairobi.

f/ 3301-3305 The participation of representatives of developing country Parties in various Protocol meetings is assumed to cost an average of $5,000 per participant taking into account not more than one person's travel cost per country using the most appropriate economical fare and per diem allowances for one week during 1997.

The participation in the Assessment Panel meetings (three Panels and seven Technical Option Committees) for some 66 participants is $330,000.

The Preparatory and Parties Meetings participation costs for 50 participants is $250,000.

The Open-ended Working Group meeting participation costs for 50 participants is $250,000.

The participation costs for the two Bureau meetings are based on three developing country participants in each meeting.

The participation costs for the two Committee meetings are based on six participants from developing countries in each meeting.

g/ 4101 The cost of expendable equipment has been increased marginally to cover the price increases.

h/ 4201-4204 The cost of non-expendable equipment is to allow the replacement of obsolete equipment.

i/ 5201-5203 The reporting costs are increased to reflect the current cost of printing.

Printing of reports includes Panel reports for an assessment under Article 6 in 1997.

In view of the success of the Protocol, many requests are made to the Secretariat to participate in publications of other agencies, and for the activities related to the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. provision is also made for information dissemination for the tenth anniversary of the Montreal Protocol.


j/ 5301-5303 The communication and freight charges have been increased as a result of the growth in the number of Parties to the Montreal Protocol and the rise in local and international telephone and postal charges.