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Decision VII/19: Compliance with the Montreal Protocol by Ukraine

The Seventh Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. VII/19:

  1. To note that the Implementation Committee took cognizance of the joint statement made by Belarus, Bulgaria, Poland, the Russian Federation, and Ukraine regarding possible non-fulfilment of their obligations under the Montreal Protocol, as a submission under paragraph 4 of the non-compliance procedure of Article 8 of the Protocol, and the statement made by the Russian Federation on its behalf and on behalf of Belarus, Bulgaria and Ukraine at the twelfth meeting of the Open-ended Working Group;
  2. To note the consultations of the Implementation Committee with the representatives of Ukraine regarding possible non-fulfilment of that Party’s obligations under the Montreal Protocol;
  3. To note that Ukraine was in compliance with its obligations under the Montreal Protocol in 1995 and that there is a possibility of non-compliance in 1996 so that the Implementation Committee might have to revert to that question that year;
  4. To note that Ukraine submitted its draft country programme for the phase-out of ozone-depleting substances in Ukraine to the Implementation Committee;
  5. To note that Ukraine promised to provide additional information on the political commitment on the phase-out programme for ozone-depleting substances by Ukraine and that the Implementation Committee after evaluation of the information provided might wish to request additional information on certain elements, such as:
    1. The political commitment on the phase-out plan for ozone-depleting substances by Ukraine;
    2. The necessary linkages between the sectoral approach outlined by Ukraine in its submission and the specific requirements for the financial, institutional and administrative arrangements towards the implementation of such measures;
    3. The gradual achievement of the proposed phase-out plan;
    4. The proposed measures for the enforcement of the measures - in particular the enforcement of the trade regulations;
  6. To note that Ukraine has agreed not to export any virgin, recycled or recovered substance controlled under the Montreal Protocol to any Party operating under Article 2 of the Protocol not member of the Commonwealth of Independent States and that such Parties shall not import such controlled substances from Ukraine;
  7. To recommend international assistance to enable compliance of Ukraine with the Montreal Protocol in line with the following provisions:
    1. Such support should be provided in consultation with the relevant Montreal Protocol Secretariats and the Implementation Committee to ensure consistency of ODS phase-out measures with relevant decisions of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol and subsequent recommendations of the Implementation Committee;
    2. Ukraine shall submit annual reports on ODS phase-out progress in line with the schedule included in the country programme for the phase-out of ozone-depleting substances in Ukraine;
    3. The reports shall be submitted in due time to enable the Ozone Secretariat - together with the Implementation Committee - to review them;
    4. In case of any questions related to the reporting requirements and the actions of Ukraine, the disbursement of the international assistance should be contingent on the settlement of those problems with the Implementation Committee.