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Decision XVI/9: Flexibility in the use of alternatives for the phasing out of methyl bromide

The Sixteenth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. XVI/9:

Considering the willingness of the Parties to comply with the requirements under the Montreal Protocol and its phase-out schedules,

Considering that the development of alternatives to methyl bromide has come up against unforeseen difficulties, for certain crops such as melons, flowers and strawberries, owing to specific local and agricultural conditions,

Taking into account that these agricultural technologies need to be adapted and new expertise must be put in place for such specific conditions,

Aware that the Parties operating under paragraph 1 of Article 5, facing this situation, seek continued technical support and the flexibility to adapt the necessary technical assistance in order to help build these capacities and find a more satisfactory solution to the use of alternatives,

To request the appropriate bodies to evaluate the progress already made and the necessary adjustments to reach the stated goals.