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Decision VI/10: Use of controlled substances as process agents

The Sixth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. VI/10, taking into account:

That some Parties may have interpreted use of controlled substances in some applications where they are used as process agents as feedstock application;

That other Parties have interpreted similar applications as use and thereby subject to phase-out;

That the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel has been unable to recommend exemption, under the essential use criteria, to Parties submitting applications of such uses nominated in 1994; and

The pressing requirement for elaboration of the issue and the need for appropriate action by all Parties;

  1. To request the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel:
    1. To identify uses of controlled substances as chemical process agents;
    2. To estimate emissions of controlled substances when used as chemical process agents and the ultimate fate of such emissions and to evaluate emissions associated with the different control technologies and other process conditions under which chemical process agents are used;
    3. To evaluate alternative process agents or technologies or products available to replace controlled substances in such uses; and
    4. To submit its findings to the Open-ended Working Group of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol not later than March 1995, and to request the Open-ended Working Group to formulate recommendations, if any, for the consideration of the Parties at their Seventh Meeting;
  2. That Parties, for an interim period of 1996 only, treat chemical process agents in a manner similar to feedstock, as recommended by the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel, and take a final decision on such treatment at their Seventh Meeting.