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Decision X/7: Halon-management strategies

The Tenth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. X/7:

Noting that in the executive summary of its 1998 report, the Scientific Assessment Panel identifies complete elimination and destruction of halon-1211 and 1301 as the most environmentally beneficial option to enhance the recovery of the ozone layer,

Noting that the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel, in its 1998 report pursuant to decision IX/21, concludes that by definition all non-critical uses of halon-1211 and 1301 can be decommissioned, taking into account the costs and benefits of such operations,

  1. To request all Parties to develop and submit to the Ozone Secretariat a national or regional strategy for the management of halons, including emissions reduction and ultimate elimination of their use;
  2. To request Parties not operating under Article 5 to submit their strategies to the Ozone Secretariat by the end of July 2000;
  3. In preparing such a strategy, Parties should consider issues such as:
    1. Discouraging the use of halons in new installations and equipment;
    2. Encouraging the use of halon substitutes and replacements acceptable from the standpoint of environment and health, taking into account their impact on the ozone layer, on climate change and any other global environmental issues;
    3. Considering a target date for the complete decommissioning of non-critical halon installations and equipment, taking into account an assessment of the availability of halons for critical uses;
    4. Promoting appropriate measures to ensure the environmentally safe and effective recovery, storage, management and destruction of halons;
  4. To request the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel to update its assessment of the future need for halon for critical uses, in light of these strategies;
  5. To request the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel to report on these matters to the Twelfth Meeting of the Parties.