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Decision III/13: Further adjustments to and amendments of the Montreal Protocol

The Third Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. III/13 regarding further adjustments to and amendments of the Montreal Protocol to request the Open-ended Working Group of the Parties, to consider the following proposal which is aimed at possibly amending the Montreal Protocol and to submit a report on this proposal to the Fourth Meeting of the Parties:

  1. Article 7, paragraph 5 (of the amended Protocol): “In cases of trans-shipment of controlled substances through a third country (as opposed to imports and subsequent re-exports), the country of origin of the controlled substances shall be regarded as the exporter and the country of final destination shall be regarded as the importer. In such cases, the responsibility for reporting data shall lie with the country of origin as the exporter and the country of final destination as the importer. Cases of import and re-export should be treated as two separate transactions; the country of origin would report shipment to the country of intermediate destination, which would subsequently report the import from the country of origin and export to the country of final destination, while the country of final destination would report the import”
  2. to review all relevant articles of the Montreal Protocol in order to consider the possible consequences of a country which is operating under Article 5, paragraph 1 of the Protocol, exceeding the consumption ceiling of 0.3 kilograms per capita specified in that Article;
  3. to discuss measures including possible amendments to the Protocol to clarify the situations of such a Party with respect to the Article 2 control measures and in particular to specify:
  • the base year which should apply to such a Party for the purpose of the reduction schedule;
  • the stage of the reduction schedule with which it should be in compliance;
  • what (if any) period should be allowed to the Party to enable it to comply fully with the control measures;
  • to consider the possible implications of a Party losing its Article 5(1) status if it is at the time a member of the Executive Committee of the Interim Multilateral Fund.