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Decision XXIV/14: Reporting of zero in Article 7 data reporting forms

Recalling the need for consistent reporting of production, imports, exports and destruction of ozone-depleting substances in accordance with article 7 of the Montreal Protocol,

Noting that the forms for reporting in accordance with article 7 submitted by parties sometimes contain blank cells, in which no numbers indicating quantities of ozone-depleting substances are entered,

Noting also that such blank cells could be intended by a party in a given case to indicate zero controlled substances or, alternatively, could represent non‑reporting by that party in respect of those substances,

  1. To request parties, when reporting production, imports, exports or destruction, to enter a number in each cell in the data reporting forms that they submit, including zero, where appropriate, rather than leaving the cell blank;
  2. To ask the Secretariat to request clarification from any party that submits a reporting form containing a blank cell;