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Article 1: Definitions

For the purposes of this Convention:

  1. "The ozone layer" means the layer of atmospheric ozone above the planetary boundary layer.
  2. "Adverse effects" means changes in the physical environment or biota, including changes in climate, which have significant deleterious effects on human health or on the composition, resilience and productivity of natural and managed ecosystems, or on materials useful to mankind.
  3. "Alternative technologies or equipment" means technologies or equipment the use of which makes it possible to reduce or effectively eliminate emissions of substances which have or are likely to have adverse effects on the ozone layer.
  4. "Alternative substances" means substances which reduce, eliminate or avoid adverse effects on the ozone layer.
  5. "Parties" means, unless the text otherwise indicates, Parties to this Convention.
  6. "Regional economic integration organization" means an organization constituted by sovereign States of a given region which has competence in respect of matters governed by this Convention or its protocols and has been duly authorized, in accordance with its internal procedures, to sign, ratify, accept, approve or accede to the instruments concerned.
  7. "Protocols" means protocols to this Convention.