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Article 20: Depositary

  1. The Secretary-General of the United Nations shall assume the functions of depositary of this Convention and any protocols.
  2. The Depositary shall inform the Parties, in particular, of:
    1. The signature of this Convention and of any protocol, and the deposit of instruments of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession in accordance with articles 13 and 14;
    2. The date on which the Convention and any protocol will come into force in accordance with article 17;
    3. Notifications of withdrawal made in accordance with article 19;
    4. Amendments adopted with respect to the Convention and any protocol, their acceptance by the parties and their date of entry into force in accordance with article 9;
    5. All communications relating to the adoption and approval of annexes and to the amendment of annexes in accordance with article 10;
    6. Notifications by regional economic integration organizations of the extent of their competence with respect to matters governed by this Convention and any protocols, and of any modifications thereof.
    7. Declarations made in accordance with article 11, paragraph 3.