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Declaration on chlorofluorocarbons (1990)

para 49 of the report of the Second Meeting of the Parties

by Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Federal Republic of Germany, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland

The Heads of Delegations of the above governments represented at the Second Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol,

Concerned of the recent scientific findings on severe depletion of ozone layer of both Southern and Northern Hemispheres,

Mindful that all CFCs are also powerful greenhouse gases leading to global warming,

Convinced of the availability of more environmentally suitable alternative substances or technologies, and

Convinced of the need to further tighten control measures of CFCs beyond the Protocol adjustments agreed by the Parties to the Montreal Protocol,


Their firm determination to take all appropriate measures to phase-out the production and consumption of all fully halogenated chlorofluorocarbons controlled by the Montreal Protocol, as adjusted and amended, as soon as possible but not later than 1997.

London, 27-29 June 1990