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Decision XVIII/11: Sources of n-propyl bromide emissions, alternatives available and opportunities for reductions

Noting with appreciation the information presented by the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel and its Chemicals Technical Options Committee in its May 2006 progress report,

Mindful of the options to include new substances as controlled substances in the Montreal Protocol, and in particular of decision XIII/7, requesting Parties to urge industry and users to consider limiting the use of n-propyl bromide to applications for which more economically feasible and environmentally friendly alternatives are not available,

Desiring to obtain more specific information on use categories and emissions of n-propyl bromide to allow Parties to consider further steps regarding n-propyl bromide, in the light of available alternatives,

  1. To request the Scientific Assessment Panel to update existing information on the ozone depletion potential of n-propyl bromide, including ozone depleting potential depending on the location of the emissions and the season in the hemisphere at that location;
  2. To request the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel to continue its assessment of global emissions of n-propyl bromide, as set out in decision XIII/7, paying particular attention to:
    1. Obtaining more complete data on production and uses of n-propyl bromide as well as emissions of n-propyl bromide from those sources;
    2. Providing further information on the technological and economical availability of alternatives for the different use categories of n-propyl bromide and information on the toxicity of and regulations on the substitutes for n-propyl bromide;
    3. Presenting information on the ozone depletion potential of the substances for which n‑propyl bromide is used as a replacement;
  3. To request that the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel prepare a report on the assessment referred to in paragraph 1 in time for the twenty-seventh meeting of the Open-ended Working Group for the consideration of the Nineteenth Meeting of the Parties.