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Decision XVIII/10: Sources of carbon tetrachloride emissions and opportunities for reductions

Noting with appreciation the information presented by the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel and its Chemicals Technical Options Committee in its May 2006 progress report,

Mindful of the obligations to ensure control measures under Article 2D of the Montreal Protocol regarding production and consumption of carbon tetrachloride,

Desiring to reduce emissions to background concentration levels, encourage earlier adaptation of ozone-safe alternatives and set limits on emissions that occur during interim use,

Expressing concern regarding the large discrepancy in reported emissions and observed atmospheric concentrations, which clearly indicates that emissions from industrial activity are being significantly underestimated (as of 2002 they were still in the order of 70,000 tonnes (plus or minus 6,000 tonnes)),

  1. To request the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel to continue its assessment of global emissions of carbon tetrachloride, as set out in decision XVI/14 and other related decisions such as decision XVII/19, paragraph 6, paying particular attention:
    1. To obtaining better data for industrial emissions to enable resolution of the significant discrepancy with atmospheric measurements;
    2. To further investigating issues related to production of carbon tetrachloride (including its production as a by-product and its subsequent use, storage, recycling or destruction);
    3. To estimating emissions from other sources such as landfills;
  2. To request that the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel prepare a final report on the assessment referred to in paragraph 1 in time for the twenty-seventh meeting of the Open-ended Working Group for the consideration of the Nineteenth Meeting of the Parties in 2007;