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Decision XVIII/9: Review of draft terms of reference for case studies called for under decision XVII/17 on environmentally sound destruction of ozone-depleting substances

Noting decision XVII/17, in which the Parties requested the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel to prepare terms of reference for the conduct of case studies in Parties operating under paragraph 1 of Article 5 of the Montreal Protocol, with regional representation, on the technology and costs associated with a process for the replacement of chlorofluorocarbon-containing refrigeration and air‑conditioning equipment, including the environmentally sound recovery, transport and final disposal of such equipment and of the associated chlorofluorocarbons,

Noting that the Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol, pursuant to its decision 46/36, is considering terms of reference, a budget and modalities for a study on collection, recovery, recycling, reclamation, transportation and destruction of unwanted ozone-depleting substances,

Noting also decision 49/36 of the Executive Committee, in which the Executive Committee expresses its willingness to develop consolidated terms of reference and initiate a study accordingly,

  1. To request the Executive Committee to develop consolidated terms of reference taking into account the elements referred to in both the draft terms of reference submitted to the Eighteenth Meeting of the Parties pursuant to decision XVII/17 and the terms of reference developed by the Multilateral Fund secretariat on the collection, recovery, recycling, reclamation, transportation, and destruction of unwanted ozone-depleting substances;
  2. To request the Executive Committee to conduct, as soon as possible, a study based on the resulting terms of reference and to provide a progress report to the Nineteenth Meeting of Parties, with a final report for consideration at the twenty-eighth meeting of the Open-ended Working Group;