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Annex IV: Reporting accounting framework for essential uses other than laboratory and analytical applications


(D + E)


(C - F)

H1 I

(H + F)

J K L M2

(I - J - L)

Year of essential use Ozone-depleting


Amount exempted for year of essential use3 Amount acquired by production Amount acquired for essential uses by import and countries of manufacture Total acquired for essential use Authorized but not acquired On hand

start of year1

Available for use in current year Used for essential use Quantity contained in exported products Destroyed On hand end of year2
        Amount Country (s)                

All quantities expressed in metric tonnes.


1National Governments may not be able to estimate quantities on hand as at 1 January 1996 but can track the subsequent inventory of ODS produced for essential uses (Column M).

2Carried forward as on hand start of the year for next year.

3Note that essential use for a particular year may be the sum of quantities authorized by decision in more than one year.