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Decision VIII/4: Replenishment of the Multilateral Fund and three-year rolling business plan for 1997-99

The Eighth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. VIII/4:

  1. To note with appreciation the report of the Executive Committee on the three-year rolling business plan and the report of the TEAP on replenishment;
  2. To adopt a budget for 1997-1999 of US$540,000,000 with the understanding that US$74,000,000 of that sum will be provided by funds unallocated during 1994-1996: this US$74,000,000 figure does not include sums listed as disputed in document UNEP/OzL.Pro.8/L.2, which appears as annex VIII to the report of the Eighth Meeting of the Parties;
  3. The agreed budget figure includes a sum of US$10 million to enable Parties operating under Article 5 to apply the measures contained in paragraph 2 of decision VII/8 of the Seventh Meeting of the Parties and to assist those Parties to start the implementation of any recommendations that might arise from the Ninth Meeting of the Parties on this matter;
  4. To adopt the scale of contributions for the Multilateral Fund based on a replenishment of US$466,000,000 as set out in annex I to the report of the Eighth Meeting of the Parties of US$155,333,333 for 1997, US$155,333,333 for 1998 and US$155,333,333 for 1999;
  5. That the Executive Committee should take action to ensure as far as possible that the whole of the budget for 1997-1999 is committed by the end of 1999, and that Parties not operating under Article 5 should accordingly make timely payments;
  6. That the Executive Committee should, over the next three years, work toward the goal of reducing agency support costs from their current level of 13 per cent to an average of below 10 per cent to make more funds available for other activities. The Executive Committee should report to the Parties annually on their progress, and the Parties may adjust the goal accordingly;
  7. To agree that adjustments to the United Nations scale of assessment should not affect the rates of contributions of individual Parties during a replenishment period;
  8. To agree that contributions of Parties not operating under Article 5 which ratify the London Amendment during a replenishment cycle should be calculated on a pro-rata basis for the balance of the replenishment cycle, starting with the date on which the London Amendment entered into force for it. Contributions of such countries should be considered as additional resources during the replenishment cycle; such Parties should be formally added to the list of contributors and taken into account in the distribution of assessments during the next replenishment.