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Decision XI/16: CFC management strategies in non-Article 5 Parties

The Eleventh Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. XI/16:

  1. To recall that decision IV/24 urges all Parties to take all practicable measures to prevent releases of controlled substances into the atmosphere;
  2. To recall also that decision IX/23 requests non-Article 5 Parties to consider banning the placing on the market and sale of virgin CFCs, except to meet the basic domestic needs of Article 5 Parties and other exempted uses;
  3. To note that other strategies, besides those considered in decision IX/23, could help to reduce emissions of CFCs from existing equipment;
  4. To note that, in the case of halons, decision X/7 requests Parties to develop strategies for the management of halons, including emissions reductions and ultimate elimination of their use;
  5. To request that each non-Article 5 Party develops and submits to the Ozone Secretariat, by July 2001, a strategy for the management of CFCs, including options for recovery, recycling, disposal and eventual elimination of their use. In preparing such a strategy, taking into account technological and economic feasibility, Parties should consider the following options:
    1. Recovering, and eliminating where appropriate, CFCs from existing or out-of-service products and equipment;
    2. Setting target dates for bans on the refilling and/or the use of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment functioning on CFCs;
    3. Ensuring that appropriate measures are taken for the environmentally safe and effective storage, management and final disposition of recovered CFCs;
    4. Encouraging the use of CFC substitutes and replacements acceptable from the standpoint of environment and health, taking into account their impact on the ozone layer, and any other environmental issues.