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Decision XIV/39: The 2003-2005 replenishment of the Multilateral Fund

The Fourteenth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. XIV/39:

  1. To adopt a budget for 2003-2005 of $573,000,000 on the understanding that $76,000,000 of that sum will be provided by funds not allocated during 2000-2002, and that $23,000,000 of the same sum will be provided from interest accruing to the Fund and other sources during the 2003-2005 triennium. The Parties noted that outstanding contributions from some Parties with economies in transition in the period 2000-2002 stood at $10,585,046;
  2. To adopt the scale of contributions for the Multilateral Fund based on a replenishment of $ 474,000,000, of $158,000,000 for 2003, $158,000,000 for 2004, and $158,000,000 for 2005 as it appears in Annex II to the report of the Fourteenth Meeting of the Parties;
  3. That the Executive Committee should take action to ensure, as far as possible, that the whole of the budget for 2003-2005 is committed by the end of 2005, and that Parties not operating under Article 5 should make timely payments in accordance with paragraph 7 of Decision XI/6.