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Decision VII/23: Financial planning in the Multilateral Fund

The Seventh Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. VII/23:

  1. To note with appreciation the report and the outline and framework for a three-year rolling business plan prepared by the Executive Committee;
  2. To request the Executive Committee to provide to the Parties at their Eighth Meeting a full three-year rolling business plan based on the outline and framework approved by the Parties at their Seventh Meeting;
  3. To note that the three-year rolling business plan must reflect the purpose of the Multilateral Fund, which is to enable Parties operating under paragraph 1 of Article 5 to meet their Protocol obligations. The plan would be based on the level of replenishment decided by the Parties and should be used as a basis for projecting beyond the period of the current replenishment. The plan should be based on, inter alia, the intersectoral priorities and strategies contained in the country programmes and should be consistent with agreed commitments under the Montreal Protocol.