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Decision VII/24: 1997-1999 replenishment of the Multilateral Fund

The Seventh Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. VII/24 to request the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel to prepare a report for submission to the Eighth Meeting of the Parties, and present it through the Thirteenth Meeting of the Open-ended Working Group, to enable the Parties to take a decision on the appropriate level of the 1997-1999 replenishment, taking into account amongst other things:

  1. All control measures agreed by the Parties to the Montreal Protocol;
  2. The Report on the Review under Paragraph 8 of Article 5 of the Montreal Protocol;
  3. Historical experience, including limitations and successes, of the phase-out of ozone-depleting substances achieved with resources already allocated, as well as the performance of the Multilateral Fund and its Implementing Agencies;
  4. Special circumstances of low-volume-ODS-consuming countries and small and medium-size enterprises;
  5. Projections included in the 1996 business plan for the Multilateral Fund;
  6. Calculating annual requirements with and without assuming a constant, flat rate of demand (for example, increased demand in some years);
  7. The November 1995 report of the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel on the economic and financial implications of possible methyl bromide and hydrochlorofluorocarbon control scenarios for Parties operating under Article 5;
  8. Relevant decisions of the Seventh Meeting of Parties;
  9. Approved country programmes;

In undertaking this task, the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel should consult with the Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund and other relevant sources of information.