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Decision VII/25: Provision by the Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund of specific financial support for projects in low-volume-ODS-consuming countries (LVCs)

The Seventh Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. VII/25 to request the Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund to provide specific support to low-volume-ODS-consuming countries (LVCs) by:

  1. Allocating sufficient funds for projects in low-volume-ODS-consuming countries to further strengthen and expand awareness and training programmes, especially in the area of refrigerant management;
  2. Supporting specialized assistance such as a workshop to establish regulatory and legislative measures required to facilitate the phase-out of ozone-depleting substances;
  3. Allowing financing of eligible retrofitting projects, in sectors vital to LVC economies on a case-by-case basis where this can be shown to be the best approach;
  4. Requesting the United Nations Environment Programme, due to its extensive experience with low-volume-ODS-consuming countries (LVCs), to take the lead in preparing an overall approach in addressing these needs;
  5. Providing funds to low-volume-ODS-consuming countries, on a regional basis, to organize training workshops for their customs and other officers on the harmonized system and other systems to control and monitor consumption of ozone-depleting substances;

Approval of projects in low-volume-ODS-consuming countries and very low-volume-ODS-consuming countries should be based upon a more appropriate project-appraisal approach reflecting the particular circumstances encountered by the countries referred to above.