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Decision XXII/10: Destruction technologies with regard to ozone-depleting substances

Recalling the work of the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel and its associated task forces in assessing existing and emerging destruction technologies and in making recommendations for technologies to be added to the list of approved destruction technologies, as last requested in decision XVI/15,

Noting with appreciation the organization and content of the seminar on the environmentally sound management of banks of ozone-depleting substances held pursuant to decision XXI/2,

Acknowledging that one of the significant themes of the seminar was the need to ensure the appropriate destruction of ozone-depleting substances recovered from products and equipment at the end of their lives and that criteria for the verification of destruction of ozone-depleting substances would contribute to increased confidence in destruction capabilities in a number of regions of the world, including in parties operating under paragraph 1 of Article 5 of the Montreal Protocol,

Noting that the Code of Good Housekeeping Procedures set out in annex III to the report of the Fifteenth Meeting of the Parties in accordance with paragraph 6 of decision XV/9 provides a useful basis for local management in respect of the appropriate handling, transportation, monitoring, measurement and control of ozone-depleting substances in destruction facilities but does not provide a framework that can be used for comprehensive verification,

Recalling decision XV/9 on the approval of destruction technologies and annex II to the report of the Fifteenth Meeting of the Parties, which lists approved destruction processes by source and destruction method,

Recalling also that, by paragraph (c) of decision VII/5 and paragraph 7 of decision XI/13, parties are urged to adopt recovery and recycling technologies for quarantine and pre-shipment uses of methyl bromide, to the extent technically and economically feasible, until alternatives are available,

Recalling further that, by paragraph 6 of decision XX/6, the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel is requested, in its report on opportunities for reductions in methyl bromide use or emissions for quarantine and pre-shipment purposes, to provide to the Meeting of the Parties a list of available methyl bromide recapture technologies for consideration by the parties,

Noting that the Panel was able to provide a list of examples of commercial recapture units in operation in several countries in its report to the Twenty-First Meeting of the Parties,

Noting also that the Panel has reported on a number of emerging technologies for the destruction of ozone-depleting substances that complement those reported on previously,

  1. To request the Panel and the relevant technical options committees, in consultation with other relevant experts, for consideration at the thirty-first meeting of the Open-ended Working Group and with a view to possible inclusion in the Montreal Protocol handbook:
    1. To evaluate and recommend the appropriate destruction and removal efficiency for methyl bromide and to update the destruction and removal efficiency for any other substance already listed in annex II to the report of the Fifteenth Meeting of the Parties;
    2. To review the list of destruction technologies adopted by parties, taking into account emerging technologies identified in its 2010 progress report and any other developments in this sector, and to provide an evaluation of their performance and commercial and technical availability;
    3. To develop criteria that should be used to verify the destruction of ozone-depleting substances at facilities that use approved ozone-depleting-substance destruction technologies, taking into account the recommended destruction and removal efficiencies for the relevant substance;
  2. To invite submissions to the Ozone Secretariat by 1 February 2011 of data relevant to the tasks set out in paragraph 1 above;