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Decision XXIII/7: Use of controlled substances as process agents

Taking note with appreciation of the 2011 progress report of the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel as it pertains to process agents,

Recalling that tables A and B of decision X/14 on process agent uses have been updated by decisions XV/6, XVII/7, XIX/15, XXI/3 and XXII/8,

Noting that the Panel’s 2011 progress report takes into account the information provided by parties and the Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol in accordance with decision XXI/3,

Noting also that in the 2011 progress report the Panel proposes the removal of 27 processes from table A and indicates that only four parties reported process agent uses in 2009,

Noting with appreciation that most parties reported significantly lower emissions than those listed in table B,

Acknowledging the role that emissions from process agent uses might play in contributing to the abundance of carbon tetrachloride in the atmosphere and the need to reduce such emissions,

Recalling that according to decision IV/12 emissions of insignificant quantities of controlled substances, including from their use as process agents, are not considered to be controlled substances as defined in Article 1 of the Montreal Protocol,

Recalling also that decision IV/12 urges parties to take steps to minimize emissions of ozone‑depleting substances used as process agents, including such steps as avoidance of the creation of such emissions and reduction of emissions using practicable control technologies, process changes, containment or destruction,

Recalling further decision XIX/15, in which the parties agreed to classify the use of carbon tetrachloride for the production of vinyl chloride monomer as a process agent use,

  1. To update tables A and table B of decision X/14 as set out in the annex to the present decision;
  2. To urge those parties that have yet to submit information on process agent uses as requested in decisions X/14 and XXI/3 to do so as a matter of urgency, and no later than 31 March 2012;
  3. To remind parties that have provided information in accordance with decision XXI/3 indicating that they have process agent uses to provide further information, in particular on controlled substances and process agent applications in accordance with decision X/14, using the format available from the Ozone Secretariat;
  4. To urge the parties listed in table B to revisit their maximum values and to report to the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel on how those values might be reduced, particularly in view of the process agent uses that have ceased;
  5. To request the Panel, as further uses cease in the future, to consider corresponding reductions in make-up or consumption and maximum emissions accordingly in future proposals concerning table B;
  6. To request the Panel to provide for the thirty-second meeting of the Open‑ended Working Group a summary report updating its findings on process agent uses, taking into account relevant information from previous investigations and including:
    1. A descriptive overview of the processes using ozone-depleting substances as process agents;
    2. Information about alternatives to ozone-depleting substances in process-agent uses;
    3. Information on quantities used for process agent uses as reported in accordance with article 7 of the Montreal Protocol;
    4. Information on estimated emissions of ozone-depleting substances from process‑agent uses and their impact on the ozone layer and the climate;
    5. Practicable measures to avoid and reduce emissions from process-agent uses;
  7. To revisit the use of controlled substances as process agents at the thirty-second meeting of the Open-ended Working Group;
  8. To consider the use of carbon tetrachloride for the production of vinyl chloride monomer for the purpose of calculated levels of production and consumption, on an exceptional basis, to be a feedstock use until 31 December 2012;
  9. To request the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel to review the use of carbon tetrachloride for the production of vinyl chloride monomer process in India and other parties, if applicable, and to report on the results of that review in its 2012 progress report;

Annex to decision XXIII/7

Table A: List of uses of controlled substances as process agents

No. Process agent application Substance Permitted parties
1 Elimination of NCl3 in chlor-alkali production CTC European Union, Israel, United States of America
2 Chlorine recovery by tail gas absorption in chlor-alkali production CTC European Union, United States of America
3 Production of chlorinated rubber CTC European Union
4 Production of chlorosulfonated polyolefin (CSM) CTC China, United States of America
5 Production of aramid polymer (PPTA) CTC European Union
6 Production of synthetic fibre sheet CFC‑11 United States of America
7 Photochemical synthesis of perfluoropolyetherpolyperoxide precursors of Z‑perfluoropolyethers and difunctional derivatives CFC‑12 European Union
8 Preparation of perfluoropolyether diols with high functionality CFC‑113 European Union
9 Production of cyclodime CTC European Union
10 Production of chlorinated polypropene CTC China
11 Production of chlorinated ethylene vinyl acetate (CEVA) CTC China
12 Production of methyl isocyanate derivatives CTC China
13 Bromination of a styrenic polymer BCM United States of America
14 Production of high modulus polyethylene fibre CFC‑113 United States of America

Table B: Limits for process agent uses (all figures are in metric tonnes per year)

Party Make-up or consumption Maximum emissions
China 1 103 313
European Union 1 083 17
Israel 3.5 0
United States of America 2 300 181
Total 4 489.5 511