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Article 4: Co-operation in the legal, scientific and technical fields

  1. The Parties shall facilitate and encourage the exchange of scientific, technical, socio-economic, commercial and legal information relevant to this Convention as further elaborated in annex II. Such information shall be supplied to bodies agreed upon by the Parties. Any such body receiving information regarded as confidential by the supplying Party shall ensure that such information is not disclosed and shall aggregate it to protect its confidentiality before it is made available to all Parties.
  2. The Parties shall co-operate, consistent with their national laws, regulations and practices and taking into account in particular the needs of the developing countries, in promoting, directly or through competent international bodies, the development and transfer of technology and knowledge. Such co-operation shall be carried out particularly through:
    1. Facilitation of the acquisition of alternative technologies by other Parties;
    2. Provision of information on alternative technologies and equipment, and supply of special manuals or guides to them;
    3. The supply of necessary equipment and facilities for research and systematic observations;
    4. Appropriate training of scientific and technical personnel.