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What the Ozone Secretariat is doing?

What is the Ozone Secretariat doing?

Key Figures: Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Number of personnel

Total GHG emissions, tCO2eq

Air travel as a % of total emissions

Per capita GHG emissions, tCO2eq/person

Facilities-related emissions intensity (kgCO2eq/m2)

Environmental Performance Indicators

Carbon Neutrality Timeline

Greening the Blue Report 2021 reveals impacts of COVID-19 on UN, and Ozone Secretariat’s, environmental footprint

Greening the Blue Report 2021 - The UN system’s environmental footprint and efforts to reduce it, is the first edition to reveal impacts on the UN system’s environmental footprint due to COVID-19. The annual report provides UN system-wide data on the environmental impact areas and management functions identified in the Strategy for Sustainability Management in the United Nations System 2020-2030, Phase I: Environmental Sustainability in the Area of Management.

Greenhouse gas emissions and offsetting

With significant worldwide travel restrictions and large portions of UN personnel working from home, the UN system generated approximately 25 per cent fewer GHG emissions than in 2019. The steep reduction in GHG emissions reflects the sudden and dramatic adaptations in operations that had to be made throughout 2020, as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

More information

For more information on the methodologies and data collection used, and for the full Greening the Blue Report 2021 please visit the Greening the Blue website.