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women in science


To mark International Day of Women and Girls in Science, celebrated each year on 11 February, the Ozone Secretariat is delighted to showcase the tremendous work and dedication of 2 scientists working passionately for the Montreal Protocol to save the ozone layer and help safeguard the environment. 


Janet Bornman is a Professor of plant photobiology with expertise in the effects of ultraviolet radiation, including global food security, sustainable development and climate change, and Co-Chair of the Environmental Effects Assessment Panel (EEAP) of the Montreal Protocol under the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) since 2004. Reflecting on the current challenge facing the environment she was pleased to note that “Many young people are very much aware of this and are inspired to play a part in helping mend our Earth – and it is all about science.” Read more

Our second distinguished scientist is Bella Maranion, Branch Chief of the Alternatives and Emissions Reduction Branch at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), responsible for implementing regulatory programmes under the Montreal Protocol and Title VI of the Clean Air Act to protect the ozone layer and minimise climate impacts, as well as Co-Chair of the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel (TEAP) since 2012. Reflecting on the COVID-19 pandemic, she noted that “Science will continue to demand a response to global environmental threats. If we want more scientists, then we need to create those opportunities early.” Read more