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Reported data

Import/export of recovered/recycled/reclaimed substances

HFC consumption

‘Consumption‘ is calculated as Production (if any) + imports - exports.

At a glance

Focal points:

  • Ms. Maria Rosaria Rella-Quaderer NFP FPLS
    Office of Environment, Division Environmental Protection Chemicals

Status of Ratification:

Vienna Convention 1989-02-08 Ac
Montreal Protocol 1989-02-08 Ac
London Amendment 1994-03-24 R
Copenhagen Amendment 1996-11-22 Ac
Montreal Amendment 2003-12-23 At
Beijing Amendment 2003-12-23 At
Kigali Amendment 2020-09-16 R
  • Ac - Accession
  • R - Ratification
  • At - Acceptance
  • Ap - Approval
  • Sc - Succession
Establishment of ODS licensing system: Yes
Establishment of HFC licensing system: Yes
Date HFC Licensing System Reported: 2021-04-13
Click here to view status of HFC licensing systems for all parties

Amounts consumed for laboratory and analytical uses

Laboratory and analytical uses: The parties have decided on a global exemption until 31 December 2021 concerning certain ozone depleting substances fo... Read more