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Reported data

ODS consumption

‘Consumption‘ is calculated as Production (if any) + imports - exports.

HCFC consumption

‘Consumption’ is calculated as production + imports – exports.

HFC consumption

‘Consumption‘ is calculated as Production (if any) + imports - exports.

At a glance

Focal points:

  • Ms. Moriana Phillip NFP
    General Manager
    Office of Environmental Planning and Policy Coordination, Office of the President
  • Mrs. Deborah Barker-Manase FPLS
    Focal Point of Montreal Protocol
    Environmental Protection Authority

Status of Ratification:

Vienna Convention 1993-03-11 Ac
Montreal Protocol 1993-03-11 Ac
London Amendment 1993-03-11 Ac
Copenhagen Amendment 1993-05-24 Ac
Montreal Amendment 2003-01-27 Ac
Beijing Amendment 2004-05-19 Ac
Kigali Amendment 2017-05-15 R
  • Ac - Accession
  • R - Ratification
  • At - Acceptance
  • Ap - Approval
  • Sc - Succession
Establishment of ODS licensing system: Yes
Establishment of HFC licensing system: Yes
Date HFC Licensing System Reported: 2021-09-20
Click here to view status of HFC licensing systems for all parties
The Vienna Convention provides for that parties shall co-operate in conducting research and systematic observations and in formulating recommendations for future research and observation in areas related to the ozone layer. To this end the Ozone Research Managers meet every three years to review national and international research and monitoring activities to ensure coordination and identify gaps.
Reports submitted by Marshall Islands to the Ozone Research Managers meetings to date are available below:
To view reports submitted by all Parties to the Ozone Research Managers meetings to date, click here
The Multilateral Fund:
The Multilateral Fund is the financial mechanism of the Montreal Protocol and provides financial and technical assistance to Article 5 (developing) countries to enable their compliance with the Protocol’s control measures. The Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund has approved funding to Marshall Islands in the amount of US$825,751 to date 2021-03-12. As at 2019-12-31, US$512,288 had been disbursed to Marshall Islands. For more information please refer to the Multilateral Fund website.