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Title Chairs/conveners/facilitators
CG on Data reporting Co-Chairs: Zhifeng Zhong (China) and Martin Sirois (Canada)
CG on Proposed adjustments Co-Chairs: Laura Beron (Argentina) and Lail Davinder (UK)
CG on Destruction technologies Co-Chairs: Bitul Zulhasni (Indonesia) and Ralph Brieskorn (Netherlands)
CG on Energy efficiency​ Facilitators: Leslie Smith (Grenada) and Patrick McInerney (Australia)
CFC-11 emissions Co-Chairs: Annie Gabriel (Australia) and Agustín Sánchez Guevara (Mexico)
CG on Linkages HCFC/HFC Co-Chairs: Obed Baloyi (South Africa) and Philippe Chemouny (Canada)