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Meeting information


Online meetings

The preparatory segment will take place from Monday, 23 November 2020 to Thursday, 26 November 2020, and the high-level segment will take place on Friday, 27 November 2020 from 2 - 4 p.m. EAT each day. An additional hour will be possible if parties decide to extend the two hours session.

Information on the online forum

Preparatory work will be needed on CUNs, budgets and membership of Montreal Protocol bodies before the meeting takes place. The dedicated online forum to review reports can be accessed here. Comments and questions from the parties should be submitted using the online forum following the step-by-step description of the preparatory work on these specific agenda items below.

The participants of the online OEWG42 held in July 2020, will be able to access the online forum with the login password that they have already created for that meeting, or use the opportunity to reset this. Click on “I forgot password” and add the email or username previously used. An email with a link to reset the password will be sent.

New participants will receive their login link for creating a password upon registration for the COP12(I)/MOP32.

Preparatory work on issues of the agenda of COP12(I)/MOP32

Nominations for critical-use exemptions for methyl bromide

Timeline Actions
1 October The final report of the TEAP on the evaluation of the CUNs with the final recommendations on the critical-use exemptions posted on the meeting portal and the online forum.
30 October Deadline for parties to submit comments and questions on the TEAP report.  MBTOC to provide answers at COP12(I)/MOP32 during their presentation.
November Any draft text for a possible decision prepared by interested party/parties may be posted in the online forum for consideration by the parties prior to the meeting

Budgets of the trust funds for the Vienna Convention and the Montreal Protocol

  Timeline Actions
21 August The budget documents posted in the meeting portal.
1 October Within the online forum a dedicated forum established on budgets and the documents related to the budgets and the financial reports posted.
23 October Deadline for parties to review the documents and submit comments and questions to the Secretariat.
The Secretariat to respond to all the questions through the forum.
End-October – November Any informal consultations between parties and the Secretariat and any other initiative that the co-chairs may take to facilitate and better prepare for the discussions during the meeting.

Membership of Montreal Protocol bodies for 2021

It would be important for the parties to have the consultations prior to the online COP12(I)/MOP32 and inform the Secretariat of the nominations so that draft decisions can be prepared for consideration and adoption. In addition, COP12 and MOP32 are expected to elect their officers. Parties may wish to consult in their regional groups, to consider nominations for the positions in the Bureaux of the COP12 and MOP32. 

Timeline Actions
1 October -18 November Consultations among the parties in their regional groups and other constituencies held.
19 November All nominations communicated to the Secretariat.
23 November Any relevant draft decisions posted in the meeting portal.

Regional consultations

Should a party wish to organize an online regional consultation with the assistance of the Secretariat, an email should be sent to Ms. Stephanie Haysmith ( The Secretariat will be glad to set up a dedicated session.

Side events

​The Secretariat is planning to hold a limited number of side events during the five days, 23-27 November 2020, of the COP12(I)/MOP32, during hours that do not coincide with any of the online sessions. Enquiries should be sent to Ms. Stephanie Haysmith ( by no later than 6 November 2020.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Disclaimer

  1. ‘The remote simultaneous interpretation of the proceedings is provided by the United Nations for the purpose of facilitating communication, in the six official languages of the United Nations. Participants are requested to be mindful of the additional difficulties experienced by interpreters when working in remote mode and of the increased likelihood of disruptions to the audio-visual feed to the interpreters, potentially leading to the interruption of interpretation services. Only the speech or intervention in the original language is authentic and constitutes an authentic record of the proceedings. In case of any inconsistency between the interpretation and the speech or intervention in the original language, the latter shall prevail.’
  2. ‘Interpreters using a Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) platform to service remote meetings, cannot be held liable for interruption of service, pixilation, freezing or loss of visual input, partial or complete loss of audio, audible artefacts, unauthorized access to personal or confidential data, leaking of information due to inadequate soundproofing, and/or data loss.’​

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