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Decision XI/21: Financial matters: financial report and budgets

The Eleventh Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. XI/21:

  1. To note with appreciation the exemplary financial management by the Secretariat over many years;
  2. To take note of the financial report on the Trust Fund for the Montreal Protocol for 1998, as contained in document UNEP/OzL.Pro.11/4;
  3. To approve the budget of 3,679,679 United States dollars for 2000, and the proposed budget of 3,679,679 United States dollars for 2001, as set out in annex VIII to the report of the Eleventh Meeting of the Parties;
  4. To urge all Parties to pay their outstanding contributions promptly and also to pay their future contributions promptly and in full, in accordance with the formula for contributions by Parties, as set out in annex IV to the report of the Tenth Meeting of the Parties (UNEP/OzL.Pro.10/9), for the year 2000, and for the year 2001 as set out in annex IX to the report of the Eleventh Meeting;
  5. To draw down an amount of 675,000 United States dollars from the unspent balance for the purpose of reducing it, thereby ensuring that the contributions to be paid by the Parties amount to 3,004,679 United States dollars for 2001;
  6. To request the Executive Secretary, when making budget proposals for 2002, 2003 and 2004, to draw down the amount specified in paragraph 5 above from the unspent balances for those years;
  7. To encourage Parties not operating under Article 5 to continue offering financial assistance to their members in the three Assessment Panels and their subsidiary bodies for their continued participation in the assessment activities under the Protocol;
  8. To review the status of reserves at the Meeting of the Parties in the year 2003.