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Decision X/18: Customs codes

The Tenth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. X/18:

Recalling decision IX/22 on customs codes and decision IX/28, paragraph 4, on data reporting,

Noting that the existing customs codes set out in the Harmonized System do not allow Parties to easily monitor the import and export of mixtures of substances and that this will be of particular concern for monitoring consumption of HCFCs as a number of the HCFCs will only be consumed as part of refrigerant mixtures being marketed to replace CFCs for some applications,

Noting that many Parties rely on the Harmonized System codes to cross-check and monitor their consumption of ozone-depleting substances and to ensure compliance with their obligations under the Montreal Protocol,

  1. To request the Ozone Secretariat to continue discussions with the World Customs Organization on:
    1. The possibility of revising the Harmonized System to allow the inclusion of appropriate codes for mixtures containing HCFCs, especially those used for refrigeration;
    2. The confirmation of the proper classification of methyl bromide that contains 2 per cent chloropicrin as a pure substance and not as a mixture, as suggested in the illustrative list of methyl-bromide mixtures provided earlier to the Parties by the Ozone Secretariat;
  2. To convene a group of five interested experts to provide advice to the Ozone Secretariat out of session on possible amendments to the Harmonized System;
  3. To request the Ozone Secretariat to report to the nineteenth meeting of the Open-ended Working Group on progress towards this end.