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Decision XXV/20: Financial reports of the trust funds and budgets for the Montreal Protocol

Recalling decision XXIV/24 on financial matters,

Taking note of the financial report on the Trust Fund for the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer for the first year of the biennium 2012–2013, ended 31 December 2012,

Recognizing that voluntary contributions are an essential complement for the effective implementation of the Montreal Protocol,

Welcoming the continued efficient management by the Secretariat of the finances of the Montreal Protocol Trust Fund,

  1. To approve the revision of the 2013 budget in the amount of 4,744,796 United States dollars and the budget of $5,065,460 for 2014, as set out in annex I to the report of the Twenty-Fifth Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol;[3]
  2. To authorize the Secretariat to draw down $467,863 in 2013 and $788,527 in 2014, and to note the proposed drawdown of $703,302 in 2015;
  3. To approve, as a consequence of the drawdowns referred to in paragraph 2 of the present decision, total contributions to be paid by the parties of $4,276,933 for 2013 and 2014, and to note the contributions of $4,276,933 for 2015, as set out in annex II to the report of the Twenty-Fifth Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol;
  4. That the contributions of individual parties for 2014 and indicative contributions for 2015 shall be listed in annex II to the report of the Twenty-Fifth Meeting of the Parties;
  5. To reaffirm an operating cash reserve at a level of 15 per cent of the annual budget to be used to meet the final expenditures under the Trust Fund;
  6. To request the Secretariat to indicate, in future financial reports of the trust funds for the Vienna Convention on the Protection of the Ozone Layer and the Montreal Protocol, the amounts of cash in hand in the “Total reserves and fund balances” section, in addition to contributions that have not yet been received;
  7. To encourage parties, non-parties and other stakeholders to contribute financially and with other means to assist members of the three assessment panels and their subsidiary bodies with their continued participation in the assessment activities under the Protocol;
  8. To note with concern that a number of parties have not paid their contribution for 2013 and prior years, and to urge those parties to pay both their outstanding contributions and their future contributions promptly and in full;
  9. To authorize the Executive Secretary to enter into discussions with any party whose contributions are outstanding for two or more years with a view to finding a way forward, and to request that the Executive Secretary report to the Twenty-Sixth Meeting of the Parties on the outcome of the discussions;
  10. To reaffirm the importance of the full participation of parties not operating under paragraph 1 of Article 5 and of parties so operating in the activities of the Meeting of the Parties;
  11. To encourage parties that are continuing to receive hard copies of meeting documents to inform the Ozone Secretariat if they are accessing such documentation through its website;

[3] UNEP/OzL.Pro.25/9.