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Reported data

ODS consumption

‘Consumption‘ is calculated as Production (if any) + imports - exports.

HCFC consumption

‘Consumption’ is calculated as production + imports – exports.

HFC consumption

‘Consumption‘ is calculated as Production (if any) + imports - exports.

At a glance

Focal points:

  • Ms. Emilija Kjupeva-Nedelkova NFP FPLS
    Montreal Protocol Focal Point
    Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning

Status of Ratification:

Vienna Convention 1994-03-10 Sc
Montreal Protocol 1994-03-10 Sc
London Amendment 1998-11-09 R
Copenhagen Amendment 1998-11-09 R
Montreal Amendment 1999-08-31 Ac
Beijing Amendment 2002-05-23 Ac
Kigali Amendment 2020-03-12 R
  • Ac - Accession
  • R - Ratification
  • At - Acceptance
  • Ap - Approval
  • Sc - Succession
Establishment of ODS licensing system: Yes
Establishment of HFC licensing system: Yes
Date HFC Licensing System Reported: 2020-05-08
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Information reported by the Parties on illegal trade (Decision XIV/7 (7))

Parties are invited to report to the Ozone Secretariat fully proved cases of illegal trade in ozone-depleting substances.

Party Seizure Date Year Substances Traded Volume Importing Exporting Country Illegal Trade Details Action Taken Remarks
North Macedonia 14 September, 2021 200 cylinders of R-407C, 100 cylinders of HFC-32 3,160 kg From Türkiye to North Macedonia 200 pieces of R407C are in non-refillable cylinders; The control performed with Refrigerant Analyzer ULTIMA ID PRO RI-700H confirmed that the F-gases are R-407C and HFC-32. The temporarily detained 200 pieces of R-407C / 11.3 kg will be returned to the Turkish exporter. Total value of the shipment was around 20700 USD. The controls were done under the operational activities within the operation „Illegal trade in F-gases / non-refillable cylinders – 2021” on September 1, 2021.
North Macedonia 1 October, 2021 100 cylinders of R-404A, 20 cylinders of R-410A, 20 cylinders of HFC-134a 1,588kg From Serbia to North Macedonia All cylinders are non-refillable. The control performed with Refrigerant Analyzer ULTIMA ID PRO RI-700H confirmed that the F-gases are R-404A, R-410A and HFC-134a. The temporarily detained 140 pieces of R-404A / 10.9kg, R-410A / 11.3kg and HFC-134a / 13.6kg will be returned to the Serbian exporter. Total value of the shipment was around 7460 euro.
North Macedonia 23 February, 2022 57 bottles of F-gas R-507A, 4 bottles of F-gas HFC-134a 693kg From North Macedonia to Bulgaria The shipment was destined to Bulgaria from North Macedonia via Deve Bair of North Macedonia and Gyueshevo of Bulgaria. The commodities were declared as plastic barrels (HS Code 3923.90). The cylinders were non-refillable. The use of non-refillable cylinders is prohibited in the European Union and the Republic of North Macedonia. The shipment was concealed among the declared plastic barrels. The export and import companies were not involved in the smuggling. The offender who was driving the truck and trailer, is a North Macedonia national and the owner of the transport company. The truck used for transportation is registered to Bulgaria. The seizure was made based on risk profiling.
Click here for reports submitted to date by all parties.

The Multilateral Fund: US$8,141,525

The Multilateral Fund is the financial mechanism of the Montreal Protocol and provides financial and technical assistance to Article 5 (developing) countries to enable their compliance with the Protocol’s control measures.

The Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund has approved funding to North Macedonia in the amount of US$8,141,525 as of 2023-12-19. This includes the funding for current ongoing projects (including agency fees):

Title Implementing agency Approved funding ($US)
HFC phase-down related projects UNIDO 256,117
HCFC phase-out management plan (HPMP) UNIDO 423,025
Institutional strengthening UNIDO 556,475
Total 1,235,617

As at 2022-12-31, US$7,013,247 had been disbursed.

This information is provided by Multilateral Fund Secretariat. For more information please refer to the Multilateral Fund website