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Meeting information

Online meetings

Three identical technical sessions of three hours each with simultaneous interpretation in all six official UN languages will be held during which the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel (TEAP) replenishment task force will present its report at all three sessions. An online forum for comments and questions will be established ahead of the online sessions (see 'Information on the online forum' below). 

- The first session will begin at 6 p.m. (Nairobi time) on Tuesday, 14 July 2020, a time convenient for the countries in zone 1.

- The second session will begin at 12 noon (Nairobi time) on Wednesday, 15 July, a time convenient for the countries in zone 2.

- The third session will begin at 8 a.m. (Nairobi time) on Thursday, 16 July, a time convenient for the countries in zone 3.

The three sessions will all be chaired by the co-chairs of OEWG42, and each will include a question-and-answer section. Parties can participate in any or all of the above sessions. Report-writing will be provided for all three sessions, and they will all be recorded. Recordings can be shared on request. Observers will be invited to attend and may choose to join any one of the three sessions.

Table listing the division of countries into zones 1, 2 and 3​ for the online technical sessions on replenishment.


Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Disclaimer

  1. ‘The remote simultaneous interpretation of the proceedings is provided by the United Nations for the purpose of facilitating communication, in the six official languages of the United Nations. Participants are requested to be mindful of the additional difficulties experienced by interpreters when working in remote mode and of the increased likelihood of disruptions to the audio-visual feed to the interpreters, potentially leading to the interruption of interpretation services. Only the speech or intervention in the original language is authentic and constitutes an authentic record of the proceedings. In case of any inconsistency between the interpretation and the speech or intervention in the original language, the latter shall prevail.’

  2. ‘Interpreters using a Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) platform to service remote meetings, cannot be held liable for interruption of service, pixilation, freezing or loss of visual input, partial or complete loss of audio, audible artefacts, unauthorized access to personal or confidential data, leaking of information due to inadequate soundproofing, and/or data loss.’​

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Information on the online forum

Replenishment of the Multilateral Fund

This dedicated forum has been established (for access click here) and the report will be posted in the second week of June for review and comments. Any initial comments and questions from the parties should be submitted through the online forum by 6 July. These may be viewed by all parties and will be shared with the TEAP task force.

The task force will address these initial questions and comments in its online presentation during the three online sessions. During the online sessions, participants may ask questions either by using the microphone, with interpretation, or through the meeting chat, in English only. After the final session on 16 July, the co-chairs of OEWG42 will give the parties a further two weeks to submit any additional questions and comments. These will be collated, and the document shared with the parties.​

The TEAP task force will provide additional information and clarification in the form of a note only on any outstanding questions at that point in time. TEAP will not provide a supplementary report based on input raised by the parties. The consolidated document will serve as the basis for the discussions once the parties meet physically.

Critical-use nominations

A similar process will be established for submitting comments and questions on the report of the Methyl Bromide Technical Options Committee (MBTOC) on the critical-use nominations for methyl bromide. Interested parties may wish to review the report and submit comments and questions online through the dedicated forum​ by 6 July. MBTOC will be requested to provide written responses online to each comment and question through the Secretariat. The comments and responses will all be accessible by the parties. Based on the comments and questions received and following bilateral consultations with nominating parties to be held between 7 and 31 July 2020​, as appropriate, MBTOC will prepare its final evaluation by the end of September. Information on further work will be communicated to all the parties in September.

Budgets of the two trust funds

A dedicated online forum will also be created for the documents to be prepared by the Secretariat regarding the budgets of the two trust funds. The respective documents will be posted on the forum by 18 August. Parties may wish to review the documents and submit comments and questions online. The Secretariat will provide written responses online to each comment and question. Information on further work will be communicated to all the parties in September.​​


Regional meetings and side events

​To ensure equal participation and to make the online sessions as consultative and productive as possible, the Secretariat will be in a position to assist parties in organizing regional consultation meetings online before the technical sessions. Should a regional group wish to organize such an online consultation, an email should be sent to Ms. Stephanie Haysmith ( The Secretariat will be glad to set up a dedicated session for the group.

The Secretariat is planning to hold up to four side events in a limited capacity and format (max 50 people) on any of the three days 14, 15 and 16 July in hours that are not coinciding with the online technical sessions. Enquiries should be sent to Ms. Stephanie Haysmith (