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Tuesday, 11 October 2016
Promoting R-290 air conditioners A climate friendly alternative
Time Description Room / Location Level / Floor
Organizers: GIZ Proklima
Propane (R-290) has been introduced to many of today’s Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning applications as a natural hydrocarbon alternative. Due to its thermodynamic data, efficiency and material compatibility, the European RAC sector quickly converted to using R-290 and has been using it safely for a number of years now. Manufacturers from China and India have also launched their R-290 products over the past years. R-290 systems are commercially available and used in a number of low charge air-conditioning applications, such as small split, window and portable ACs as well as in some commercial and industrial refrigeration applications. Yet, despite the market readiness and the above mentioned advantages, safety considerations as well as a relatively limited range of customers in developing countries hinder a market enlargement for commercial R-290 air-conditioning applications. This side event organized by GIZ and kindly co-hosted by UNIDO, UNDP and FECO opens the floor for manufacturers to exchange about their experiences promoting R-290 equipment in their respective markets and beyond. It will further address barriers that hinder a market increase by investigating the measures to be taken into account in order to overcome the chicken-egg relation between demand and supply. Finally it addresses the technical assessment and public risk perception regarding R-290 ACs.
Strategic Policy Opportunities to Reduce HFCs Phasedown Transition Costs
Time Description Room / Location Level / Floor
Organizers: IGSD
Description: This side event presents new information and discusses strategic policy opportunities to reduce transition costs with buyers clubs, coordinated investment, and economies of scale in implementation. It also describes actions A5 Parties can take now to be among the first to qualify for financing expected to be immediately available after agreement on the HFC Amendment.