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Tuesday, 10 July 2018
Energy Efficiency Finance and the Montreal Protocol
Time Description Venue
Organizer: NRDC

Description: NRDC will host a workshop exploring whether existing or novel funding and/or financing mechanisms may be deployed to alleviate the cost burden on manufacturers and/or other entities in developing countries that wish to improve the energy efficiency of refrigeration and air conditioning products during refrigerant conversions.

Room: M7
New Carbon Metrics
Time Description Venue
Organizer: IGSD

Description: This workshop describes a new compressive method to estimate the combined carbon savings of transition to super-efficient ACs using lower-GWP refrigerants tailored to the local climate and local carbon intensity of electricity. It takes into account time-of-day electricity generation mix, urban heat island caused by clustering or stacking AC condensers and the electricity loss from transmission and distribution. The metric can be used to validate the savings from upgrades in equipment in order to qualify for carbon finance.

Room: Press Room
Reporting on ODS and F-gases: the EU example, experience and concepts for establishing reporting systems for other parties
Time Description Venue
Organizer: EEA

Description:The side event provides an example for electronic reporting on ODS and F-gases and explain overarching methodological aspects including data collection, management, confidentiality and products made publicly available in the EU. It presents lessons learned from the EU example and concepts for the development of new reporting data flows of parties to the Montreal Protocol. Snacks will be served.

Room: M3