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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
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Disclosure of Interest Declaration

2021 DOI - Bella A. Maranion

Independent Expert
Disclosure of Interest Declaration

I, Marta Pizano, nominated by Colombia and residing in Bogotá, Colombia, have been re-nominated by the Parties to the Montreal Protocol as co-chair of MBTOC until 31st December 2021 and co-chair of TEAP until 31st December 2022. I declare as follows:

    1. I have read the Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Guidelines for the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel, Its Technical Options Committees and Temporary Subsidiary Bodies (“the COI Guidelines”) as adopted by the Meeting of the Parties in Decision XXIV/8.
    2. My responsibilities include
    1. I am an independent consultant often working for the Montreal Protocol Implementing Agencies involved with methyl bromide users and other key stakeholders in many countries, to identify and implement alternatives to methyl bromide, including research on QPS uses and their alternatives. I also consult for the agencies on other topics related to ODS and the Montreal Protocol, for example the sustainability of the phase-out achieved for different ODS, clarification on exempted uses, communication materials to raise awareness on various issues relating to the Protocol and others. Over the years I have worked for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP and its OzonAction Programme) and the World Bank (WB). I have also assisted the Montreal Protocol Multilateral Fund (MLF) with monitoring and evaluation work. These assignements are conducted on a short-term basis, as an external consultant.
    2. Neither myself nor my husband (an orthopaedic surgeon) nor our children own stock or have proprietary interest in companies producing ODS or their alternatives or substitutes.
    3. I also consult for floriculture and horticulture trade associations, Government programmes and agencies (i.e. USAID, International Trade Centre ITC, Netherlands CBI) particularly on improving trade competitiveness and sustainable production issues in Latin America and Africa.
    4. This declaration constitutes my written agreement, pursuant to paragraph 8 of the COI Guidelines, to comply with the Guidelines.  I understand that this written agreement is a condition of my service.
    5. My interests and those of my husband or children include the following
      • Proprietary interests: [None related to ODS or their alternatives)
      • Financial interests: [None related to ODS or their alternatives]
      • Employment, consultancy, directorship or other positions: [Consultancy for implementing agencies of the Protocol and the MLF as described in numeral 2 above]
      • Government advice and other policy development: [None]
      • Paid research activities, fellowships or grants: [None]
      • Other interests: [None]
    6. As an A5 member my travel and accommodation to attend Montreal Protocol, TEAP and MBTOC meetings are funded by UNEP’s Ozone Secretariat. In addition, as co-chair of the TEAP and MBTOC, I receive some funding support from the Ozone Secretariat for administrative tasks related to the work of the TEAP and MBTOC. As a consultant who is self-employed, I conduct other work related to the Panel and MBTOC on a voluntary (unpaid) basis.
    7. Pursuant to paragraph 11 of the COI Guidelines, I declare that I have not declined to disclose information falling within paragraph 10 of those Guidelines. 
    8. I undertake to disclose any material change to any of the above information, pursuant to paragraph 9 of the COI Guidelines, within 30 days of any such change.
    9. I undertake to make further declarations of interest annually for so long as I remain a member of the TEAP and the MBTOC.
    10. I understand that this DOI will expire no later than one year after I have signed it.

    Signed: Marta Pizano
    Date: February 8, 2021

    Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    Disclosure of Interest Declaration

    2021 DOI - Ashley Woodcock